Monday, March 31, 2008

OS2008 First Tweaks you should do

I am reposting some of my earlier tips because OS 2008 has changed the menu/config settings slightly.

There are two things that you should tweak on your OS2008 tablet right out of the gate.

1. Virtual Memory. Referred to as swap space in linux, this allows your running processes to use physical storage space as ram.

To set this up, you will need a card in the internal slot. If the only card you have is the one that came with the unit, that will work, though far from ideal. I suggest at least a 512 (I have a 2gig) so that in addition to the swap, you have space files.

Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Memory

Select the "Virtual" tab in the Memory window.

Click the "Extend Virtual Memory" check box.

If you have plenty of space use the full 128 max option for the most performance. If you only have the 128 meg card, use 64 megs or 112 megs if you don't want to use the card for any storage. I recommend against the 128 meg file size on a 128 meg card. Even if you do get it to write.. it will most likely cause errors

Click "OK"

2. Screen - Keys Locking

While you are still in the Control Panel, select the "Display" applet.

There is a known bug that the screen won't blank when you lock the device unless you set both the "Brightness period" and the "Switch off display" time to be the same. Set it to what your comfortable with.

Now when you press the power button then the square in the directional pad.. the screen will blank with the keys.. hit the same key combination to unlock the device.

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John Massaglia said...

Does the screen lock if you are watching a movie or does it automatically not lock while Media Player is playing?

Schmots said...

I believe it stays on when you playing a movie. I used to watch movies on my n800 all the time before I got an iphone and I can remember sitting with my wife waiting for a dinner reservation to come up and watching movies.